Lightweight Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats At Astaad Sports

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Most of the cricket bats comprise the two most prominent types of cricket willow. These are English willow and Kashmir willow. If we look at their origin, the English willow comes from England, while Kashmir is the origin place of Kashmir willows.

If we talk about the Kashmir willows, they are very durable and lightweight. Being lightweight, you get better control over the bat and your shots. If you are looking for the lightest Kashmir willow cricket bats, then this blog is for you. There are two most prominent lightweight Kashmir willow cricket bats available that will enhance the playability of a player without causing them any burden.


Kashmir Willow

Lightest Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

  1. Armor King
  2. Weapon X



The first Kashmir willow cricket bat in this list of lightest Kashmir willow cricket bats is Armor King. It is a hard-pressed top-quality Kashmir willow bat available at the Astaad Sports online store. It is available in the special 3-way insertion of rubber. The rubber here is inserted in between splits for enhanced flexibility and to shock the absorption. Here, you will get the full size of 33.7 inches (85.7 cm). It is an immaculate bat for the age group of over 15 years, and above 5’6’ in height.


The Weapon X is a traditionally shaped Kashmir willow cricket bat for the players to make powerful strokes. If you look at its handle shape, it comes in a traditional round cane handle in order to ensure the supreme grip and overall control of the bat. Here, you will get a sleek and full-length bat cover to shield your bat from damage. This Kashmir willow cricket bat is suitable for the age group of 15+ and above 5’6’ in height. Moreover, it is a flat toe bat available in 1170-1220 gms (2.10-2.13 lbs).


While buying a Kashmir willow cricket bat, you must always look for lightweight Top Quality Kashmir willow cricket bat, in order to take advantage of the better grip and powerful shots. At Astaad, there are the two best Kashmir willow cricket bats which are lightweight. Thus, you can pick any of them as per your choice and initiate a step ahead to enhance your playability.

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