Types Of Cricket Bats Available With Its Applications

Types Of Cricket Bats

Cricket is one of the most famous and well-known games globally with billions of fans present all over the world. Especially, in the subcontinent, the craze for cricket is at the next level. Be it playing or watching, cricket lovers from this region never fail to prioritise cricket. While playing the local or gully matches, everyone wishes to bat in the match. But do you know there are a variety of cricket bats present in the market?

Cricket bats are the most important cricket gear and equipment, without which the game cannot be played. Along with choosing the best helmets, gloves, and other cricket equipment, you should be very selective in choosing your bats.

Opting for a perfect bat might seem like an undoable task to you. But you don’t have to worry anymore, we are here with a list of types of cricket bats that will assist you to know each of the types in a better way. So without delay, let us glance at the types of Cricket Bats available in the market.



Types of Cricket Bats

  1. English Willow
  2. Kashmir Willow
  3. Softball Cricket bats
  4. Training Cricket bats



English willow bats are the most expensive variety of cricket bats. These are also in high demand since the professional players desire to bat with English willow. This type of bat is popular for its contraction and toughness. Being native to England, it is also recognized as white willow. Here, you will get primarily five grades ranging from 1-5 of the English willow cricket bats. The higher the grade of the English willow, the best quality bats along with straighter grains will be.


As the name itself consists of Kashmiri, you might have gotten the idea that this variety of cricket bats has a connection with Kashmir. It is made using a highly sought-after Kashmiri wood in India. If you compare it with the English willow, it differs in appearance and reliability. Further, since the Kashmir willow is brownish in appearance, you can easily distinguish it from the English willow.

The cost of Kashmiri willow is a bit higher than the regular cricket bats. Moreover, these are extremely lightweight, which every beginner and newbie, especially in India, prefers to play with.


If you are not taking cricket as your professional career, or just wish to have a bat for your local or gully cricket matches, then softball cricket bats are the preferred choice. The softball cricket bats are manufactured using soft rubber and high-quality wood or fibre. Since it is a softball cricket bat, it has not been used by professionals. Moreover, it is comparatively less expensive than the English willow and Kashmir willow cricket bats.

In gully cricket or at the home, children are usually seen practising cricket with this variety of bats. While batting with the softball cricket bats, you need to strike the ball hard in order to play the lofty or powerful shots because of its lightweight.


As the name itself contains training, it is quite obvious to you that this type of bat is used exclusively for training purposes. This type of bat is primarily used as a snippet of cricket equipment that assists you to sharpen your skill sets. These bats are not manufactured using a single variety of willow. Rather it can be made by a producer or made up of English willow or Kashmir willow. The training cricket bats are also considered a bat used in pro cricket.

These bats are available in a variety of size ranges and widths. Its width is usually half of the regular cricket bats. It is a perfect bat and extremely useful for the coaches. With the training cricket bats, the coaches serve as a weapon during the training sessions.


After going through the list of all the four types of cricket bats, you have got a clear perspective of each type of bat along with its use. Thus, while buying a cricket bat as per your requirements, check out the type of cricket bat you are opting for.

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