Premium Quality English Willow Cricket Bats

English Willow Cricket Bats

English Willow is a special kind of wood from which the production of top-notch professional cricket bats is manufactured across the world. In order to assist the bat with strength and compression, English willow bats are being used.

The cricket bats made using the English willow woods are top-grade cricket bats with exceptional comfort and a premium appearance. To know more about the English willow cricket bats and their types, let us glance at some of the top-notch premium quality English willow cricket bats.


  1. Combat Pro
  2. Run Machine
  3. Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T)
  4. Black Edition

Premium Features of English Willow Cricket Bats


Top English Willow Cricket Bats


Combat Pro is the first pick in the list of English willow cricket bats. It comprises a giant profile along with massive edges. This English willow cricket bat also ensures a perfect balance, while playing the deliveries. Moreover, it comes with a coated fabric full-length cover, and carries straps which you can adjust manually.

If we look at its weight, it comes in at 2.9-2.11 lbs, equivalent to approx 1600 to 1200 g. Coming to its full-size length, you can get this bat in approx 85.7 cm i.e., 33.7 inches. It is a convenient bat for individuals over 15 years of age.


As the name suggests, Run Machine is one of the picks from the English willow cricket bats assisting you to perform like a run machine by scoring massive runs playing with this English willow cricket bat. It comes with enhanced flexibility and shock absorption. Moreover, imported cane handles with remarkable formulation corks are also inserted here.

Run Machine is a hard-pressed premium bat conceived dedicatedly for hard-hitting and massive sixes. It is also one of the finest English willow picks and is traditionally shaped for exceptional stroke.


The name of this English willow cricket bat itself tells how premium and top-class this bat is. The greatest of all time (G.O.A.T) is among the finest English willow hard-pressed, along with traditionally shaped for superb stroke. It also consists of a traditional round cane handle for superior grip and control over the bat.

Moreover, it is fully tested and designed for usage against leather balls. Ranging as per the height of the player, it is suitable for the player age of 15+.


Black Edition is the final pick in the list of English willow cricket bats. This premium-looking cricket bat comes with prints and designs in a black colour, which makes it appear luxurious and stylish. This English willow cricket bat is designed purposefully for elite professional sports persons. Black Edition is also itemised among top-grade handpicked English Willow.

Being one of the finest hard-pressed and traditionally shaped bats for a fine stroke, it weighs about 1160 to 1200 g, which is approx 2.9 to 2.11 lbs. In order to play using this bat, the individual must be at least 15 years of age. Moreover, it also includes a coated fabric full-length bat cover with carry-straps that you can adjust.


As of now, we have gone through four different English willow cricket bats with its specification and unique features that make them outshine in the bunch of innumerable bats. Since all the listed four bats are made from the English willow, all have some similar features you must be aware of.

Each of the listed English willow cricket bats consists of hard-pressed and traditionally shaped in order to assist superb stroke. Also, the traditional round cane handle present takes care of its superior grip and bat control. These bats come with a coated fabric full-length bat cover that includes adjustable carry-straps.

Moreover, each of the four listed English willow cricket bats is tested against leather balls. Thus, you do not have to counter the issues by playing with the leather balls. Also, these bats are designed considering the age of above 15 years.


Along with the premium and classy appearance, the English willow cricket bats come with the exceptional qualities of power-hitting with control. Irrespective of whichever English willow cricket bat you are opting for from the above four, none of the above will disappoint you. Additionally, you should be careful about each of the features and specifications of the bat while opting for it. Doing this will make your choices better and you can pick the most immaculate English willow cricket bat for yourself.

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